PPE TECH-TEXTILE PEM coveralls on best price

PPE TECH-TEXTILE PEM coveralls on best price

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Pay less and take 15 pcs reusable coveralls in a compact box. All products in the box are in one size. It is a perfect solution to protect your team, your employees, or your friends.

TECH-TEXTILE PEM has patented coverall with unique protective parameters, covering all and even more requirements for category III. You will be surprised by the comfort and highest protection, which you will get, using our innovative PPE.

 Special Technical membrane laminated to the elastic outer fabric ensures all free movements when you are in a risky area.

Just for a minute you can put on and off the coverall, which makes it not only the highest protective coverall, but also the fastest to wear.

When pressure is extremely high, shifts are long and your brain works hard because of the surrounding situation, your body reacts on all this. We worked hard on this matter and got support from European professors and engineers, to create the most breathable coverall, which guarantees, that you will not get sweat. 

Fluor carbon coating gives you an incredible protection, while the antibacterial film increases the safety and comfort. 

All elements like zipper and seams are waterproofed and will not allow any virus, bacteria, germs, and dust to go through.

And one very important PLUS – you can wash TECH-TEXTILE PEM 50 times and more, following the care instructions. It is not disposable, but reusable protective coverall!