PPE Safety Travel Set

PPE Safety Travel Set

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All you need for your full protection while you are on board.

In a small compact pack with a size of a cosmetic one, you are getting 4in1:

1/ Reusable washable protective coverall Tech - textile PEM – 1 pc.

2/ Reusable washable face mask - Silver mask – 1 pc.

3/ Protective gloves, matched with the size of the coverall – 1 pair.

4/ 90 ml travel size Sanitizer – 1 pc.   

This Safety travel set will guarantee your protection, when you are at the airport, in the aircraft and in all travel zones, where the risk is higher. After usage, instead to throw it away, you will use the sanitizer to disinfect the coverall, and then you can fold the staff again inside the pack.

Easy to wear and easy to take it off. Just for a minute. You can do it in your car before going to the airport zone.