About Us


AGLIKA is a family company with more than 50 years traditions in production of home textile and technical fabrics, located on 40 000 m2 manufacturing building facilities in Bulgaria. 

Because of the unexpected pandemic situation with COVID-19, started in our country on 8.03, we were forced to develop extremely fast a PPE for our doctors and all people on first line. 

Based on our full cycle production processes, together with European professors in textile and chemical industry from Germany and Switzerland, we are proud to be able to develop for Bulgarian Government, the first of it's kind Tech-Textile PEM – innovative, 50 times washable and reusable personal protective equipment.

Tech-textile PEM is made according to the European regulation of the EC 2016/425, category III, with technical specification based on EN 14126: 2003+A/C 2004, and ISO 13688:2013. The product is PATENTED and reusable with 10 years guarantee for storage and 50 times washable

All elements in our PPE are produced from European manufacturers: technical fabric, breathable and highly protective against COVID-19 and Ebola Pilmembrane, water coated zipper, water proofed tapes, elastic bands, etc.