Why choosing reusable protective equipment over a disposable one ?


Reusable coverall Tech-Textile PEM is patented and unique, according to special structure and protection, which ensures, that’s why as something innovative is taking time to switch the idea to use reusable instead disposable. Of course, in our wardrobe we don’t have such an item up to now, because there was no need and no one of us was thinking for such a protection. Reality gives us the feeling, that this protection we will need for long time, even COVID-19 gone, probably there will be others similar risks on the public events, airports, at our working place, depends what kind of specialists we are… So, is getting more and more  important to have Tech-Textile PEM, which you can wear, when you need to be protected, then washed it in normal washing machine on required degrees and used next time, when there is case for TECH-TEXTILE PEM. With reusable and disposable masks is same situation: first everybody asked for disposable, but when needs come to be huge and daily, we re-think situation and choose reusable – you don’t throw it away every few hours/we need to choose environmental friendly staff/. Of course, there are a lot more advantages for Tech-textile PEM, compared to disposable coverall and you can have more information about in  our special description on web.


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