I have a surgery and need to fly to another country. How to prepare for the flight during COVID-19 ?

Having a surgery is not to be underestimated and most of the times it's not a thing we have a choice over.

The whole point of the surgical operation is to keep you alive and in better health conditions. That's why it's important to get there safe and in your current best health conditions, which in our latest world wide situation makes travel even more challenging and risky not only to you, but also to others. It's a common world we share and travelling might be a real hidden bigger danger than the surgery you are traveling for. Another thing to consider is that most of the times , the biggest thing before a surgery is the fear , anxiety , uncertainty and the most important thing in such a situation is to feel secure & calm for your own good.

That's why we believe it's really important to be responsible to yourself , to the others, but maily to have at least this feeling of calmness which is needed in this very important moment of your life. Stress can be a huge factor and unfortunately we are humans with emotions that care about ourselves, but it's better to minimize those unpleasant factors before the upcoming event.

We can only advise you for your own good to wear a protection during your flight or travel to the hospital to minimize additional risks and complications and we believe the protective coverall Tech-Textile PEM is the best choice for you during these circumstances. You can wear it on top of your regular clothes without taking space in your luggage.

We believe and know that the doctors will take a very good care of you, but when the procedure is over there's an important factor that people regularly overlook - recovery. Most of the surgical procedures are imposing the need of Anesthesia, regarding if it being a local or a general one. Apart from it your body has just experienced a serious external intervention, depending on which in one way or another this has an effect on you in general, your body, your psychological state , but most importantly your weakness. Unfortunately your immune system is not an exception to this either. This is why when flying back home is even more important to have a protection for your recovering. And most of the times it's absolutely important to feel as much comfortable as possible in a recovery period.

Why we recommend specifically this product ?

Because only this patented product could guarantee 100% protection against COVID-19 and only this one can give you the comfort of normal body movements compared to other products. It's more flexible and more breathable than any other. At same time it can be used 50 times – it is reusable garment, which can be washed on 60 degrees in any home washing machine and is ready to be dressed again.

To make it as easy as possible for you, we've packed it in a comfortable SAFETY TRAVEL SET, which contains Tech-textile PEM coverall, disinfectant for the coverall, reusable mask and gloves and it's all you need on the airport.

Pressure in such moments is high enough, and you have to feel calm and protected with great expectations. Get all you need for the travel in one safety pack or only the Tech-textile PEM coverall and everything will be fine.

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