How is it possible for Tech-textile PEM coverall to protect against viruses like COVID-19 and Ebola and in the same time to be so breathable ?


Protective coverall Tech-textile PEM is made of a 4 layer patented material: technical membrane, armour knitted elastic fabric enabling free movement, fluorocarbon coating and antibacterial silver ions film. All 4 sections provide different features to the protection and comfort of this unique material. Defense is the most important quality we wanted to achieve, on top of which we constructed protective coverall Tech-Textile PEM. In the same time, knowing deeply the needs of people working on First line, we gave our best efforts to provide our heroes with a comfortable and breathable solution during these hard times, and this is one of the most important advantage Tech-textile PEM has, in addition to the highest protection characteristics, which is guaranteed.

Until now it was incredibly uncomfortable for a person, who is wearing disposable coverall or reusable one with not enough breathability to provide critical help. The body gets sweat quickly and cannot perform the already tensed activities in a proper way. To help or support others, first you need to feel good rather than think about your own discomfort which will prevent you to give the best of you. That's why, together with Swiss and German textile engineers, we developed the innovative reusable coverall Tech-textile PEM, which gives you first class protection along with first for it's kind comfort, allowing you to be the best you can be. Now there is no need to choose between protection, comfort of flexibility and breathability – you can have all of them with our Tech-textile PEM coverall.

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